Sunday, August 15, 2010

A weekend with my nephew, niece and neph-dog

If my travels getting to LA were a little less than perfect, all that was cured by the joy of spending the weekend with my "nephew" Shepherd, "niece" Ella and "neph-dog" Harry Bell. Bates and Shep had come down from Palo Alto, Ali and Ella had come up from San Clemente and Harry, well, being the movie star that he is, lives in fashionable LA with Amy and Matt in their lovely West Hollywood home.

Saturday morning we had an absolutely delicious brunch courtesy of Amy and her wonderful cooking (though she did snag a recipe or two from this gem of a food blog Mandi joined us (that's high powered Hollywood executive Amanda Schweitzer to those of you in the biz) as did Matt's delightful mom Renie visiting from Oakland.  After breakfast, the young moms and the "aunties" and Harry the dog went for a walk around West Hollywood, keeping eyes peeled for celebrities at every turn, though no luck so far.  We spent the afternoon astounded by the wonderousness of the babies as Ella made clear that she is ready to start crawling (extremely fast learner) and Shep revealed his amazing array of facial expressions, with the piece de resistance being his own adaptation of lobster face.  For dinner, Amy once again treated us with a delicious meal, this time the Zuni roast chicken and bread salad.  YUMMY!  What a successful day.

Sunday began with spooning in bed once again with Harry - apologies to my dog Harry back on the East Coast but this Harry can jump into bed without the aid of an ottoman or a helpful lift.  Breakfast with the babies again and then we were off for a stroll to the Melrose flea market.  Cute as we grown ups are, Shep and Ella once again were the stars of the show.  I think they were offered several trendy LA outfits by some of the vendors, but naturally refused, referring all discussions about what to wear (and what not to wear - they of course read US Weekly) to their managers.  These are two celebabies in the making.

Sadly, we had to send the babies off to their respective homes Sunday afternoon, but not before several attempts at kidnapping by their aunties when their moms weren't paying attention.  Surprisingly enough, the kiddies weren't psyched about the prospect of stowing away in my bag for a trip to Southeast Asia.  Though I'm pretty sure that several of the baby sounds made by Shep and Ella over the course of the weekend were the names of places we'll be going in Laos.

Next up, dinner with the Chapin girls! 


Ali said...

Eebers! It was so fun to see you. The weekend was too short. Smella is in love with her east coast Auntie. Thank you for feeding her and consoling her all weekend.

I have so much to catch up on your blog. Can't wait to her about your great Asian Adventure Round II.


fishwatch said...

So jealous of all this baby time! After eating that Zuni chicken I vowed never to eat bread again unless it was soaked in chicken fat. I hope you have all made similar promises.

bella w. said...

I loved being a fly on the wall at the gathering of so many Branford girls and their offspring. Also, Shep and I are going to get married in 20.5 years. I mean that in a totally non-creepy way, like the werewolves who "imprint" in Twilight. Still creepy? Sigh.

So fun!

bella w. said...

PS - my blogger name is, obviously, paying homage to the best book ever (Our Mutual Friend), though now that JADH is no longer updating this blog there may be none who actually get the joke. -Mandi (obvi)