Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Saying Au Revoir to LA

Harry at the foot of my bed, where I would often
find him when I woke up in the morning.
Well readers, things certainly have gotten more interesting for the return of bloggers Herczeg and Bell (nee Koch).  We asian adventurers are most glad for the addition once more of their witty repartee, even if we will be spread across three continents.  Let the hunt for the best story of wacky French-inspired antics - in Paris, in a country once controlled by the French or with Fabrice in DC - begin.

Sadly my time in LA is winding down.  Tuesday morning began with a lovely stroll to a local coffee shop with Aim and Harry and enjoying some iced teas while sitting outside in the once again perfect LA weather.  (Apparently it's hot by LA standards, but after this summer in NYC and my only sometimes air conditioned living room, it feels lovely).  Aim then went off to have an important Hollywood lunch.  It may have just been for networking/meeting people in LA, but as far as I'm considered every lunch in LA is like those lunches in Get Shorty where people are pitching scripts left and right and ordering obscure dishes off menu.  So she probably green lighted three scripts while there.  I meanwhile headed to the Grove and Farmers Market, where I explored a food wonderland.  While enjoying my second set of pork tacos in two days, I overheard a woman say to her friend that eating at the mexican stand where we were was a quintessential LA experience.  Success!  Though all the talk about Amy and Matt's upcoming trip to France also required me, bien sur, to have a nutella crepe for dessert.

After a stroll through the shops, Amy and I came home and she headed off to her writing class, where she is in training to become a v. famous Hollywood writer, second only perhaps to her already v. famous husband Matt Bell.  (Note to all Hollywood executives reading this blog in secret - there is a dynamic writing duo residing here in West Hollywood.  You probably want to hire them.)  I then borrowed Amy's car and drove to see a good family friend Hanka Orsten, who came over to the US on the same Army transport ship as Babi and Deda, arriving on Thanksgiving Day 1949.  We had a lovely visit. Between Babi and Hanka there are two pretty fabulous 90-somethings putting most 60 year-olds to shame.  (I took pics with my blackberry but I am having trouble getting them off the device, so photos to come in a bit - apologies.)

Of particular note in our visit (and especially for blogger Herczeg), Hanka taught me some translations of great Czech expressions about Hungarians.  Babi had already taught me:

- After midnight all Slovaks become Hungarian (which I think means they are sloppy drunks)

In that vein, Hanka added:

- A Hungarian will go into a revolving door after you and come out before you
- What's the difference between a Hungarian and a Romanian?  They both will sell you their mothers, but the Hungarian will actually deliver

There are definitely getting added to my repertoire.

After such a nice visit, I then returned to Casa Bell and Matt and I scooped Amy up from her class.  We adventurous three then went across LA - so many neighborhoods! - to Little Tokyo for some DELICIOUS ramen and grilled pork.  The absolutely perfect way for me to get ready to transition to a diet of Asian cuisines for the next two weeks.  What a treat.
Harry knows it is important to stay
hydrated when one is hiking in the heat

At the top of our hike
This morning (Wednesday), Amy and I with our fearless canine leader Harry headed off to Griffith Park for a hike up to the Observatory.  It was pretty hot and sunny, but the hike was great fun, especially when pulled along by an unbelievably energetic dog.  Harry must have known what a nice morning was in store for us, because as soon as we got in the car he started hopping up and down with excitement.  Again, slightly different reaction than Harry the bulldog.

This sign always reminds me of the episode
of Mathnet with the gorillas.  Anyone?
After the hike we stopped in Larchmont, which apparently also exists here as well as on the Metro-North, for yummy Italian sandwiches.  Up ahead for up this afternoon will be last minute errands and laundry, followed by hopefully scooping Josh up at the airport for a quick Bell-Olken double dinner date at a cuban place near LAX.  And then, just a brief 16-17 hour flight later (yikes) we'll be in Asia!  See you all there!


bella w. said...

Larchmont! My home on both coasts!

fishwatch said...

Grunt the gorilla! I was terrified of that episode for some reason.