Saturday, August 21, 2010

LAX to JFK, Abridged.

How long do you suppose it will take for the copying of Josh and EB's post titles to get old? Oh, what's that? You can hardly get enough, couldn't possibly be more clever? Right, then, thinly veiled plagiarism it shall be.

I (Amy) am writing to report that domestic travel is just as you remember it, plus one chatty Russian cab driver this morning ("Where you go, New York?" "No, Paris actually" "You fly nonstop?" "No, we stop over in New York" "Aha! You go to New York, like I say!" cue disproportionate satisfaction on his part, giggles from me, reluctant chuckles from Matt). And then we went through security, I resisted buying an US Weekly (why, I'll never know), we boarded the plane, envied the people in first class, slept (Matt), read and demanded reassuring about the physics of flying during some turbulence (me), and arrived at JFK, our current locale. We snacked on some freedom fries (sike I mean French fries, j'adore les crossaints! Fromage! Vin! Bonjour!), and then spotted Alexi Lalas. Take that KL! I read no mention of international soccer celebrities, only snacks and markets and malls! Better luck in Laos!

We have just another hour or so before we are truly chateau-bound, and I can promise you that we will be croissanted within mere hours. I have fewer euros than I feel my dollars are worth (travelex needs new management, I think), but surely they can and will yield material more enthralling than a cross-country flight in coach. Time will tell. Until then, buon soire! Cafe! Pain au chocolat! Can't wait to hear about Laos and then write a less interesting yet still exclamatory report from the continent.

Finally, Jon, something urgent and irrational has come up in France. Please handle by boarding plane (equipped with wifi, curse of curses to lawyers everywhere) to Paris asap. Thx.

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