Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Breaking News!

Dear reading public, you've  been misled.  You'll note that at the bottom of this post it says that Jon and Amy are here in absentia.  False.  Present.  I (Amy) am very much here.  Or as EB just said "the inmates are in charge."  I think I'd prefer something more along the lines of "student becomes teacher."  

But Amy, why are you blogging, you ask?  Well, let me count the ways (er, reasons):
1.  I am unemployed.  Yes my numbering is in order of importance.  If you are reading, in Los Angeles, and interested in paying me to do something other than be a litigation associate, it's great to meet you and I would love to buy you lunch and I'm a quick learner with a real appetite for reading for pleasure.  Surely these things qualify me for something.
2.  I am jealous of EBs and Josh and their adventure part deux.  Uncontrollably jealous/envious/furious.
3.  I will also be traveling in the next two weeks, and though I won't be in Asia, I will be in a former colonial power, and who doesn't love a little mercantilism humor.
3a.  If you're now wondering who is to blame for giving me the password to the blog, it was EB.  
4.  This is mostly just a challenge to Jon to write something hilarious for our benefit.  See that, readers?  I'm here to help.

On Saturday, Matt and I leave for 10 days in France: first attending the wedding of our friends in Burgundy, and then wandering around Paris for a few days on a belated honeymoon of sorts.  EB taught me some french while we were stuck in traffic yesterday, so I'm feeling pretty confident we'll have no trouble at all.  I can now say:
-"give me that croissant"
-"I adore wine"
-"I adore you"
-"two coffees please, thank you"
-"where is the Louvre"

I dare you to think of any other truly essential phrase.  Let the adventure(s) begin.


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fishwatch said...

How do you say "A love of life, and a Life of Love" in Francais?