Sunday, August 22, 2010

From DC to Paris slash Malaysia, Abridged. Seriously Abridged.

I (Jon) remain in D.C. But even though I'm not on vacation, with a little too much free time on my hands, I do what the travelers do: EAT.  I'm currently sitting down to Second Brunch as I type this post.  And as my good deed for the day I'll teach Amy some handy French vocabulaire (Amy, that's French for 'vocabulary') while I'm at it.

Gateau (that's French for 'mounds of butter dusted with chocolate'):

Galette (this is how the French say 'yes I ate this whole thing myself last night in one sitting not a crumb left over'):

Cannes (this means what it looks like it means):

Of course the cooking part of eating also serves as useful Husband Hunting practice slash please forward to all travelworthy and eligible bachelors.  Merci bcp (French for 'I'm so good at abbreviating French').

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fishwatch said...

How do you say "watch out for botulism" en français?