Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The Pearl Market

That's where we are. Except its proper name is the "why would you ever pay more than a dollar for a lacoste shirt" market. This will be a short post because I (Amy) am sitting in a corner of what I would call a jewelry store but Jon pointed out is actually an oyster slaughterhouse. We're blogging because we can. And also because we're bad at bargaining (see, e.g., us falling for the old "would you like to see our art exhibit" trick on day 1. Obviously before we had team kelly-olken to guide us. It is literally the oldest trick in the book. Which we own. Called Lonely Planet.). Let's just say there were games and josh olken may have participated. Oh and I had a banana popsicle. No surprise here: delicious. In our next post we'll send photos of Chinese octogenarians tossing rings around Josh's head and the baozi we ate in a "restaurant" where lead paint was falling from the ceiling. Also delicious.

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