Saturday, August 4, 2007

Another great step for mankind

Just another techie shoutout to the folks who gave us the BlackBerry, and also to the Chinese government (anyone from the Chinese government reading this blog: we totally love you guys!) -- we are now blogging from a speedboat cruising along the western end of the Yellow River in Gansu Province. those of you "In Search of Modern China," take note.

We've arrived in Gansu this morning and embarked on our six-day tour through the Chinese Wild West - maybe a little tamed of late, but wild enough for us. All reports suggest that the food will be mostly yak-based and mostly bad around here, but we are intrepid omnivores and hope to find the best boiled yak meat (LP:"a bit better than it sounds") around.

More soon!


Brian Kelly said...

Riverboats and blackberries and climbing the Great Wall and eating on top of propane tanks are fabulous, but have you found the big room yet where they store all the US Treasury bonds they buy every day to fund the day to day operations of our country? You all look very happy in the pictures (but we know your government escorts require you to do so in all pics sent abroad.) PS - A-Rod just hit his 500th homer a few moments ago against KC at the Stadium.

Jay said...

..and Barry Bete Noire hit 755 in San Diego on 8/4, to tie Hank Aaron and enrich the white dude who emerged from the scuffle with the ball. Of course, Barry's will just temporarily be holding the title 'til A-Rod breaks it in 2011.

wonderful yak-a-thon. I hope the Yak-teria don't send you down, so to speak.