Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I (Amy) am officially off the continent and back in Los Angeles, and I haven't had a croissant in over 24 hours.  I feel lightheaded.  We were sorry to leave but glad to come home to Harry, and since we now have all sorts of technological gadgets, I hereby present a selection of photos not pirated from the internet.  

The view from the front of Chateau Fretoy. 
Inadequate dogs, Chateau Fretoy, France.
Shortly before French newlywed game at amazing wedding dinner.  Congrats to the bride and groom!
Just a castle and some grapes, whatever.
Vending machine at a deserted train station in Autun, France.  Nicely done, Josh.
Revenue generating use of archaeological site in Geneva, Switzerland.
Jet d'Eau no the wind is changing!
Future home on Lake Geneva
Wondering how an unemployed lawyer affords said future home.
Same, this time in Paris.
Triumphant stairs.
Dear Los Angeles,
Please see above.
Regards, Amy
Inadequate dog, Latin Quarter, Paris, France.
That's more like it.  California, United States
And with that, au revoir for the time being.  Looking forward to more from Vietnam!



fishwatch said...

Plan: Enter Harry in Dog Shows. Use winnings for Lake G House. Done.

Ali said...

oh my gosh, this looks like a dream. so glad you're home, however.