Thursday, July 19, 2007

oh look it does work.

I couldn't possibly study for the bar exam that takes place 5 days from now without knowing for sure.

Things I would like to do while in Asia:
1. Hug pandas.
2. Replace all knowledge acquired in anticipation of bar exam with useful phrases (e.g., "please may I have that dumpling thank you") in chinese, vietnamese, thai, and/or whatever language is spoken in cambodia. um, cambodian? anyone?
3. Take at least one group photo involving the great wall and/or forbidden city and some sort of "AOK" or thumbs up gesture. These gestures are universal and will certainly transcend any cultural and linguistic barriers such that we will fit in with the locals. provided there are locals. but really who lives at the wall, or for that matter, in a forbidden city.

Don't worry team I'm totally going to read my guide book on the plane.


CDB said...

OMG HAPPY TRAVELS HAPPY BLOGGING!!!! i miss you already ebs but i look forward to reading about all your adventures. AND I claim the couch at your place Sunday Sept. 16. see you then! SUERTE!

fishwatch said...

my friends and i took a "balls to the wall" picture when I was there. I suggest you guys do the same...